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Q-Legal 6.20 for Word

Softdesk 8 and/or Land Desktop 1 through 2009

Last revised May  6, 2008

Reduce errors, create legals in seconds.  Registered users in 45 states... You can have anyone in your office creating legal descriptions in minutes... Let your drawings do the work!

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Q-Legal™ now allows users to extract information from drawings by selecting blocks with attributes, text or mtext.

LDT 2i and above versions use the parcel name as the default file name and allow you to use the active project's "Lots" folder or specify any directory as the default save location.

For the Civil3D version of Q-Legal™ please click here.


No other Legal Writer allows different curve templates for Tangent and non-Tangent curves


Works with Parcel files or polylines


Stores and recalls your last set of entered data making subdivisions a breeze.


No other Legal Writer works directly with North Rotation



Includes a user defined phrase library for often used phrases


LDD2i and above versions read LDT Parcels directly from Word.


The version for LDT1 and 2 will work with all versions of LDT and can be used on machines that DO NOT have LDT installed. (this version works with text files created in LDT).



Q-Legal™ is a fast, easy to use, prompt driven legal description writer which imports existing Parcels/Lots (or figure/polyline data) from Softdesk or Land Desktop into Word. 

Q-Legal™ produces descriptions that are 80-90% complete within 1 to 2 minutes with absolute accuracy. 

Q-Legal™ eliminates typing mistakes and closure errors by importing data directly from your defined parcels. 


(click this graphic for a larger view of the preferences screen)

Q-Legal™ also provides user-customizable prompts for site-specific data and can be used by any member of your company. Any draftsman, technician or office staff member can import the parcels and write the descriptions with minimal input and no knowledge of AutoCAD or Word is necessary. 

If a draftsman with no survey experience defines the parcels a Surveyor can change the POB and even correct a counter-clockwise lot all outside of AutoCAD.

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Launch Word and run Q-Legal from inside (or run it totally outside of) Land Desktop. Create, customize and save multiple headers, footers and curve templates on the fly. 

Show tangency/non-tangency, reverse/compound curvature, radius, arc length, tangent length, direction of curve, central angle, chord bearing and distance and/or 2 radial bearings (P.C. to radius and radius to P.T.).  Also you can now use different curve templates for tangent and non-tangent curves... 

Set and save your own verbiage preferences, quickly create your own user prompts. Q-Legal even has a built in user-customizable phrase library. Add your own often used phrases to a library and insert with a click.

The LDT2i and above versions allow you to select from a list of defined Parcels from within Word without creating any text files.  You can now also change the area and square unit precision and don't have to worry about Parcel settings or inversing.

Toggle between Word and LDT to extract information from drawings by selecting blocks with attributes, text or mtext, eliminating even more redundant typing.

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Software requirements are as follows:  

Land Desktop 1 or 2 or Softdesk 8 

(not required to run Parcels version demo) (Q-Legal for Lots/Parcels for these versions can be run on a computer that does not have AutoCAD)




Land Development Desktop 2i through 2009

(requires LDT be open and a project active)  

Word2000 or above required for all versions.

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Land Desktop & Softdesk8 Setup:

Drawing setup for all releases:

Angle Display Style must be set to "Bearings" (not azimuths).

Angular units must be set to at least 3 (nearest second) and not more than 7 . 

No other setup is required for the Figures version or the LDD2i through 2009 versions. 


For Land Desktop 1,2 and Softdesk 8: 

(please click the link below for setup instructions for these releases)

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Launch Q-Legal™ from inside or outside AutoCAD

Q-Legal™ can be launched from within AutoCAD, from Word or from the Windows Start menu.  These features make Q-Legal a seem less application that utilizes the power and speed of the world's most popular Word Processing software and the World's best Civil/Survey software.  

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Pricing and Ordering Information:

Single Copy: $199   Site license: $399

To purchase via Credit Card over a secure connection:
Q-Legal for Land Desktop
To be billed:
Just e-mail the registration form to billing@budcad.com, we will send the authorization, registration number and invoice right away.

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  Fully Functional Downloads:

 Downloads include sample Parcel/Lot (for Softdesk/LDT1,2 parcels/lots version), sample drawing (for figures version), 2 sample curve templates, sample header & footer templates, read me files for each version, AutoCAD menu and registration form. 

Downloads run unrestricted for 30 days (all you need is a password for continued use...).  

NOTE: 64-Bit Windows 7 users: if you encounter problems please contact me for updated files which may correct your issues).


*Softdesk 8/LDT1 or 2 version works with text files created in ANY VERSION Softdesk/LDT. 

It can be run on machines that DO NOT have Softdesk/LDT installed.

*Softdesk 8/Land Desktop 1/2

Land Desktop 2i

Land Desktop 3

Land Desktop 2004

Land Desktop 2005

Land Desktop 2006

Land Desktop 2007

Land Desktop 2008

Land Desktop 2009

To install: unzip to a temporary folder and run Setup.exe (see readmefirst.doc in the zip for complete instructions).

See pricing and ordering for information about credit card and other purchasing options.

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