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Profile 3D for AutoCAD 2000 through 2011

Last revised May 7, 2010



Profile any 3d polyline in seconds


Profiles in either direction


Use any vertical scale




Use any horizontal scale


Label slope between vertices


Label station and elevation at variable increments



Product Summary:  

If you've ever tried to profile a straight line of field locations you know why Profile3D was written. Profile3D draws a user customized profile of a selected AutoCAD 3D polyline (Civil Software is NOT required).


Profile3D will plot a grid of lines, ticks or AutoCAD points, station and elevation of each vertex and slope (positive or negative) between vertices. User specifies horizontal and vertical scales, layering and textstyles. 


Profile3D will plot the profile in either direction (based upon where you select the polyline), label all grid stations or at user defined intervals. Any or all display features can be turned off and your settings are saved for re-use.


Profile3D does not require any setup (such as surfaces or alignments, etc.) and runs in “vanilla” AutoCAD as well as Land Desktop.  


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Create a 3D polyline:  

One method of creating a 3D polyline is as follows:

    Set OSNAPS to nearest.

    From the “Draw” menu in AutoCAD, select “3D Polyline

    Draw the route you intend to profile by snapping to existing contours.  


Another option (if you use LDT) is to use our free tool to create a 3d pline through an existing point group.


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AutoCAD2000 (or higher)

Registration Cost:  

$99 Per office location

To purchase via credit card over a secure connection:
To be billed:
Complete the Registration form and e-mail it to billing@BudCAD.com, we will send an invoice, registration number and authorization code right away.
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  Fully Functional Downloads: include: readme file, menu, registration form.  Downloads run unrestricted for 30 days (all you need is a password for continued use).  

Unzip to a temp directory and run Setup.exe.

Remember to add the installation directory to your support files search path in AutoCAD.

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